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Trial of Revlona
« on: May 30, 2018, 07:32:07 pm »
This case has been made for the charges presented by Tigerus to the then Minister of RP Revlona. We have some evidence here that was gathered by my investigator for both of you to use. If you have other pieces of evidence you can bring them in as long as the evidence isn't hearsay.

Evidence found by the court:
Spoiler (hover to show)

The charges presented by the prosecution are as follows:
- Misusing the founder's account
- Using the founder's account when not authorized
- illegal ejection (against me)

Remember this is a case about the charges, not anything else but proving that Revlona did or didn't commit those crimes, another trial will be made for Tigerus's charges once they are announced.

1. Defendents Opening Statement
2. Prosecution Opening Statement
3. Defendents introduce evidence/statement
4. Prosecution counters evidence/statement
5. Prosecution introduce evidence/statement
6. Defendents counters evidence/statement
7. Repeats, then closing statements.

If you are an attorney for either side with permission from what side please let us know.

Also Revlona has yet to decide is this trial is by Jury or Judge.
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